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The Audacity of Trivia #4

In this episode, Drs. Jon Ross and Chris Smith quiz each other on the week's events and history, including politics, sports, higher education, musicology, culture, the NFL, #takeaknee Sunday, and much more. The final score? A blowout!   Check out this episode!

The Audacity of Trivia #3

In this episode, Chris and Jon prepare ten multiple-choice questions for each other, based on the week's news, events, and history. Topics range from sports to technology, from politics to musicology. Tune in to discover "trivia that isn't trivial."  Check out this episode!

The Audacity of Trivia #1

In this debut episode, Drs. Jon Ross and Chris Smith prepare ten multiple-choice questions in an effort to stump each other on knowledge of the week's news. Jon's questions focus on debate regarding the removal of Confederate memorials, while Chris's topics range widely, including politics, Trump, Putin, Russia, history, and the ever-emerging culture of these United States. The final score? A landslide of "trivia that isn't trivial!" Check out this episode!

Non-Trivial Biographical Information

Dr.  Jon   Ross  is not a "real" doctor, but plays one on television.  A PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) doctor, he has always been a trivia buff, largely because he has few friends.  This trivial trivia preoccupation was nurtured and humus-ed in college, when his College Bowl team, "Aural Fixation," advanced to the semifinals of the University of Florida's tournament.  Alas, at the semifinal match's climatic moment,  Jon  buzzed in early on a question about guns, answered "Winchester" when "Colt" was the right answer, and his team suffered an ignominious defeat.  This is what happens when little boys who played with encyclopedias instead of guns or GI Joe have to answer questions about firearms. Luckily, during his Piled Higher and Deeper education, he ran into to Chris, a/k/a Dr. Smith.  While they are both natives of suburban Philadelphia (pronounced "Phla-del-fyuh"), there their habits and tastes diverge - except for triv