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Audacity of Trivia 119

This week Chris goes psychic, rubbing his magic lamp of punditry to tell us definitely WHO will be the GOP ticket in 2024! Jon almost chokes on pretzels while doing an ode to pretzels and making a shameless appeal for a sponsor. Where else can you get all this-- and more? Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 118

Jon reflects on the state of the nation by way of Scorched Oaths, Iced Earth, flamethrowers, and baseball trivia. Chris sees if Jon can name all the things you can't say on Mike Lindell's new social media platform. And: is freedom of opinion a farce? Tune in and find out! Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 117

"Two PhDs demonstrating their intellectual chops through a trip that is half current events trivia (some of it arcane) and half punditry. Sometimes quite funny. Not well known yet - but should be. On all major podcast outlets."  Check out this episode!