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Audacity Of Trivia 12

This week on the pod, we're talkin' religion - kind of.  The religion of protest, the religion of technology, and the religion of what's happenin' now.  Unlike your post-Thanksgiving fridge, there are no leftovers on this week's show, which features questions about social media-savvy hippos, the pharmaceutical choices of mass murderers, and what people don't want to talk about around the holiday dinner table.  Will a losing streak - in Italian soccer or on the show itself - be broken?  Tune in... -- JR Check out this episode!

Audacity Of Trivia #11

This week on The Audacity of Trivia, it’s (Not So) Sweet Home Alabama Week, also known as Moore is Less Is More - Moore or Less. Chris and Jon tackle the trials and tribulations of Judge Roy Moore (and a cast of other (alleged) lowbrows) through a flurry of questions. But that’s not all! We address a diversity of topics like Chelsea Clinton’s evening wear, which hotels are housing (allegedly) corrupt Saudis, and what might soon be in your beer - including perhaps a sports mascot! -- JR Check out this episode!

Audacity Of Trivia 10

Bulletproof backpacks.  Back pain-relieving rice vests. Dead celebrities' incomes.  What could these seemingly unrelated, far-fetched topics have in common?  All are topics of questions in the latest edition of The Audacity of Trivia, the rollicking podcast from those Ph.Ds of general knowledge paraphernalia, Dr. Chris Smith and Dr. Jon Ross.  From holed-up Saudi princes to Clinton cash and men living up (or, more often, down) to their fathers' example, join this week's pod for questions (and mostly wrong answers) that'll make your head spin.--JR Check out this episode!

Audacity Of Trivia #9

Chris and Jon battle it out over a veritable paraphernalia of trivia - from the Special Counsel indictments and the size of pumpkins to "agricultural defamation" and the people who care about it.  Is there another show out there that CARES about insulting meat?  A) No.  B) No way.  c) Did we stutter?  From racist breakfast food packaging to the latest thing stuck in Ted Cruz' craw to commemorating the late, great Fats Domino, this week's episode is packed with nutrition for your brain - just as long as it's properly labeled... -- JR Check out this episode!