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Audacity Of Trivia 15

Twas the Week Before Christmas And all through the 'Net The podcast was full of Nixonian questions To rattle around in our heads   And to all the trivia fans Their trivia blood flowing fuchsia We wish them a Merry Christmas And a 2018 full of minutiae. Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 14

It's a Wonderful Life; no, really.  A wonderful life of trivia.  Somehow a whole bunch of questions that use IaWL as their base - yet having very little to do with George Bailey, much less George Bush - make it onto the podcast, and much fun erupts.  Will the tough questions make Chris and Jon want to jump into the frozen river...or call for Clarence?  See which angel gets his wings on this week's show... Check out this episode!

Audacity Of Trivia 13

This week on the Audacity of Trivia, we [Orrin] Hatch a posse of questions for your tax-cutting passions.  A million dollar quartet (five quartets, actually) of trivia questions about the real and fake news awaits, as Chris and Jon take on the issues of the day.  We may split the atom (well, one of our questions mentions that, anyway), but we don't split the difference, as the Doctors of Minutiae have a spirited contest that ends not with a bang, but with a double bang of intellectual morsels - just for you. -- JR Check out this episode!