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Audacity of Trivia 59

Jon reviews Democratic contenders' spouses and the cricket World Cup, while Chris zooms out and takes on the past and future, paying special tribute to the unimpeachable present. Without subjectivity, this game might have been a tie! Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 58

On this episode, Chris proves he knows nothing about the names of British monarchs, while Jon contests the quality of his rendition of America's favorite song from this week in 1976. Also featured: golf champions, freedom, community colleges, all in the name of "the diffusion of knowledge among the people." Who wins, in a crushing victory? Tune in and find out!  Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 57

Jon tests Chris's unflappable sports knowledge, while Chris asks Jon to contemplate what celebrity nonagenarians would have the best chance to beat Trump. Also: sharks, Dollywood, the Beach Boys, a touching tribute by Jon, and more! As George Will said, this podcast is "like a good cheddar, sharp and savory!"  Check out this episode!