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Audacity of Trivia 67

This week on The Audacity of Trivia, Jon and Chris are joined by Chris's son, Andrew Corrow, who proudly shares a Trump Lib of his own creation-- and Jon and Chris play along! After the rousing and patriotic wordplay, the three set their sights on 2020, discussing the young, the old, the timeless (Biden, Sanders, etc), and the hopeful (Mayor Pete, Beto, Harris, etc). Talk about "excellence in broadcasting!" You want to hear this!  Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 66

On this special colossal episode, Jon and Chris dismiss convention and try out a new game! Who's "tired"? What is "storied pomp"? Does "purple mountains' majesty" count as a noun or an adjective? How often does Jon eat Greek food, and why? Tune in and find out!  Check out this episode!

audacity of trivia 65

In this episode, Jon speaks in hushed tones from an undisclosed coffee shop in Chicago, while Chris tries to revive the soul of the Republican Party, or at least Margaret Chase Smith. Can anything in America be  surprising anymore? Tune in and find out who won this week's trivia quiz!  Check out this episode!