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Audacity of Trivia 114

Can dogs detect COVID in humans? Who's still said to be "The Man"? Is the time really "not quite ripe"? How much snow was that? And what season is it, really? Tune in for all this and much more-- this week brought to you by a very special travel agency! Yeehaw! Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 113

Jon brings together rhetoric both for and against the "Magnificent Seven" while Chris shines spotlight on a certain Tennessee canine and its newfound wealth. Also: the social capital of superheroes, the Billboard Top 100, Oath and Duty, school resource officers, and so much more. America's Podcast-- where every episode delivers a decisive win!  Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 112

Cher’s Bob Mackie frock! Great cinematic reboots! The ACLU! Free dog food! Free dogs! Daytime television icons! Republicans’ mouths—both sides! The wardrobe of the late Alex Trebek! Lee Greenwood! Angela Lansbury! Curated Branding—and SO much more! All on this episode of America’s Podcast! Check out this episode!