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Audacity of Trivia 92

Chris and Jon let their "populist side run wild" on this, an episode recorded during one of America's darker hours. From the closing of town fairs in New England to the spread of conspiracy theories globally to a special tribute to Fred Willard-- plus an unexpected win! Tune in and have some laughs!  Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 91

The Audacity of Trivia returns to normalcy and its original format-- no matter what the scientists say! Jon and Chris discuss the headlines, the "news," some sports, and a special tribute to a great American. Tune in and "LIBERATE" your understanding! Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 90

It's an AP European History blowout this week on the Audacity of Trivia! Jon and Chris are joined by Chris' son Andrew for a wild review before next week's exam! Special guests plus Andrew quizzes Jon and Chris! How do you spell DBQ? Tune in and find out! Check out this episode!