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Audacity of Trivia 18

It's a week featuring strong women on the podcast.  Of course, neither Chris nor Jon is a strong woman, so you'll have to take our word from it.  From female titans of journalism, to courageous US senators, to world leaders and athletes young and old, join us as the Doctors of All Things Trivia enlighten with a breadth of questions that will take your breadth away... Check out this episode!

Audacity Of Trivia 17

With fire and fury, two stable geniuses lift their lamps beside a golden door, behind which stands the trivia (and pure comedy!) of this ungilded and unhinged age. This week’s final score? The Clampetts AND the Drysdales, and The Truth! --CS Check out this episode!

Audacity Of Trivia 16

How did YOUR 2017 end?  Did you sum up the year, reviewing all the things you did, all the news you consumed, all the places you visited, month by month, and package it into pithy questions with multiple-choice options?  If you did, there's something deeply disturbed about you.  If you didn't, we here at The Audacity of Trivia did it for you.  Join us this podcast for our Year in Review - sort of. Learn everywhere Chris went in 2017, and everywhere Jon didn't. Check out this episode!