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Audacity of Trivia 49

On this episode, Chris pays non-trivial tribute to his alma mater, while Jon digs into the committee appointments of the Freshman Democrats in Congress. Who wins? The lasting humanities-- specifically, poetry! Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 48 1 23 19

Despite the shutdown, Jon and Chris declare decisive victory over the trivia and apathy of our age. Jon defines livelihood and livestock while Chris describes The Way Things Ought To Be. Tired of winning? Tune in, turn on, and shut down! Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 47

The world may be on shutdown, but Jon and Chris are the opposite! Chris finally earns a respectable score, while Jon still wins but also gets fooled by stalwart rhetoric from a pundit class king. Are we tired of winning? Are there any losers left? Tune in and find out! Check out this episode!

Audacity of Trivia 46 1 12 19

Jon and Chris kick off 2019 with a landslide-- of trivia! Chris travels forward into the past while Jon recollects great moments in American rhetoric from the past 72 hours. Tune in and hear history being made, as you've never heard it before! Check out this episode!